Unix 8 Installation


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Unix team installed the agent on Unix 8, and these servers we can see in the UIM console, but when we are deploying any probe it seems to be successfully deployed, but not visible on the server.


Release : 9.2.0

Component : UIM - INSTALL


Before you start, make sure you can:

   telnet TO the robot FROM the hub on port 48000


   telnet TO the hub FROM the robot on port 48002

   traceroute to and from the hub and robot respectively without any latency....

Then, please follow the steps listed below: 

1. Download the latest 9.31 GA version of nimldr.tar.Z

Review the release notes first-> http://support.nimsoft.com/unsecure/archive.aspx?id=56

Download the latest version-> install_LINUX_23_64.zip for hub and robot versions 9.31
Nimsoft Infrastructure for 64 Linux (glibc 2.3 or higher on x86 64 bit)


Review the Release Notes...

2. On the Linux box enter these commands to kill and remove the current robot:

killall nimbus
rm -rf /opt/nimsoft/

3. Use the new nimldr and install_LINUX_23_64.zip to reinstall the robot.

When nimldr asks "Do we have a copy of the installation file locally?" 
Enter yes, and provide the path to this package-> install_LINUX_23_64.zip file.

This will install the robot correctly and you should now be able to upgrade it and/or deploy probes successfully and see them without issue.

If not, stop the robot service/process, delete the niscache folder, then activate the robot and check again.