Can CA View and Web Viewer open and display AFP reports?
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Can CA View and Web Viewer open and display AFP reports?


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Can CA View mainframe and Web Viewer open and display viewable AFP reports?   Are these viewable by TSO or CICS and can Web Viewer display them in a viewable format?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


From the TSO green screen you can get the best approximation, without any graphics/images. From the Web Viewer, you can get the whole picture, displaying as originally intended - that is with the images/graphics.

Additional Information

There's AFP and then there's AFP. From the Web Viewer perspective, your answer is going to depend upon whether the AFP reports are fully composed or have separate resources. Or are these distributed AFP reports that were simply stored in a CA View repository? CA Spool or CA View stand-alone transformers may come into play depending on how you expect the reports to be rendered, like as PDF? If they're to stay AFP all the way, will users have an AFP Workbench or BtoB Browser installed and associated to that file type? It may also matter which version of Web Viewer you are using, but the short answer from the Web Viewer side is yes, you'll probably be able to see the AFP reports.

From the mainframe side, The answer is that CA View gives you a pretty good approximation, but some features like imbedded images/graphics won't render at all. CA View will try to give as best an approximation that it can, and, yes, no images or graphics on the green-screen. CA View will not be able to display distributed AFP reports which are merely stored in a CA View repository.