Device Description in Performance Center is incorrect


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In DX NetOps Performance Management Performance Center the Description value for a Device is not correct.

The Device is discovered through SNMP on the Data Aggregator (DA).

The Device is also contributed to Inventory through Virtual Network Assurance (VNA) for SDN related data collection.

The Description for the Device on the Details tab in Monitored Devices Inventory is correct and what is expected in Performance Center.

The Description for the Device in the Performance Center Inventory lists shows incorrectly, using the Description value set from the VNA contributed version of the Device.

The difference is visible examining the <SystemDescription> vs <Description> values in the DA:8581/rest/devices/manageable/<ID>.

NOTE: The ID to use is the same Item ID value seen on the Devices Details tab in the DA Monitored Devices Inventory.


Due to a defect which is being addressed via defect ID DE494351.

Performance Center is using the <Description> first before the desired <SystemDescription> value.


All supported DX NetOps Performance Management releases


The fix is included with the r20.2.9 release of DX NetOps Performance Management.

The solution that will be implemented will ensure Performance Center utilizes the <SystemDescription> value first as long as it's present. If not set/present it will fall back to using the <Description> value.

Upgrade to r20.2.9 or newer releases to resolve this.