Migration of Clarity from one server to another (or to Cloud)
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Migration of Clarity from one server to another (or to Cloud)


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The company is planning migration to a new server, new VM or Cloud (Azure or Amazon AWS). How to proceed to migrate Clarity there? 


Release : Any supported Clarity release


  1. Stop and remove services on source environment
  2. Zip the Clarity filesystem
    Note: On Linux, ensure that the hidden .setup folder is also included in the zip file
  3. Zip Java and Tomcat
  4. Move to the new server and extract to the correct folders
  5. Ensure the environmental variables are set correctly for JAVA_HOME/NIKU_HOME/PATH on the new server
  6. Open the properties.xml and ensure the installDir, java home and home (for Tomcat) is set to the right paths 
  7. Check the hostnames / IPs to ensure they are correct for entryUrl sslEntryUrl schedulerUrl bindAddress
  8. Ensure the database URL and connection details are updated
  9. Make sure the ports used are open on this server and firewall is not blocking them
  10. Save and add the services with commands
    service add app bg nsa beacon
    service deploy start all
  11. Now access the Clarity application and CSA directly and ensure they work


 Note: If any LB / proxy etc required, involve the IT team for their migration. 

Additional Information

Note: Removing services before migration is necessary to avoid service deployment issues