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UIM no metrics sync with OI SAAS


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DX Operational Intelligence CA Unified Infrastructure Management On-Premise (Nimsoft / UIM) DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)



There is no sync of UIM metrics data to the OI Saas platform.

Alarms are coming through fine, and queues in the UIM hub are also emptying.

No change has been done to the environment

Same machine in UIM:



Release : 20.2

Component : CA DOI Foundations



These are some steps to help review if UIM is successfully sending data to OI. This includes checking the UIM queues which was not stated as part of this problem, but should be checked.

1) From IM open hub and click on Status
2) Under Subscribers/Queues please check following queues

If the metrics are in queued  then something wrong with OI connector please check the OI connector logs.
In the OI connector  if it is posting to NASS you will see something like below
Feb 16 15:57:41:701 [QOS_PROCESSOR_THREAD, oi_connector] Total Time Taken by Thread in QosEventProcessorNASS :: 0 ms. [ Total Records :: 10 ]
Feb 16 15:57:49:824 [QOS_PROCESSOR_THREAD, oi_connector] Total time to execute http request : 11
Feb 16 15:57:49:824 [QOS_PROCESSOR_THREAD, oi_connector] Total time to post metric values to nass  : 11
Feb 16 15:57:49:824 [QOS_PROCESSOR_THREAD, oi_connector] Total no of Qos values posted on NASS via post : 14
Feb 16 15:57:49:824 [QOS_PROCESSOR_THREAD, oi_connector] Total Time Taken by Thread in QosEventProcessorNASS :: 12 ms. [ Total Records :: 14 ]
Feb 16 15:57:57:922 [QOS_PROCESSOR_THREAD, oi_connector] Total Time Taken by Thread in QosEventProcessorNASS :: 0 ms. [ Total Records :: 1 ]
With no errors, investigation on OI SaaS side needs to happen.
If it is not able to post it will throw some errors, based on that it would be suitable to raise a support ticket with the error message provided.

Additional Information


If there are errors such as these

[QOS_PROCESSOR_THREAD-1, oi_connector] Not able to register the metric as cs_id is not available for met_id: M7e18b3025b2cecc8a6ba128c9df877d2
[QOS_PROCESSOR_THREAD-1, oi_connector] Not able to post the metric value to NASS as either cs_id, ci_name or metric_name is not available for the record: {product=UIM, product_version=20.3.0, qosName=QOS_INTERFACE_PC, origin=CLOUD-HUB, ip=, source=, target=Gi2/0/13(GigabitEthernet2/0/13), probe=pollagent, dev_id=Dd3e9d1b491f285fe93bb1b43f425bb5b, robot=cloud-hub, hub=CLOUD-HUB, domain=NOC, host=, met_id=M7e18b3025b2cecc8a6ba128c9df877d2}

This is the explanation from development:

The metric in example is missing the required information to register with NASS.

The metric PDS includes cs_id, missing this information is likely an environmental issue. Restarting the robot has been known to resolve this issue.