How Can I Remove a Security Intellirollup From a Scalability Server?


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CA Client Automation


I want to remove a Security IntelliRollup from a Scalability Server. How can I remove it?


Release : 1403


In order to remove the Security IntelliRollup from scalibility servers, you need to Schedule Removal Job by applying these steps:

If the IntelliRollup to remove is "CA - Office 32Bit - Security IntelliRollup v2101.00 1.0":

  • Find the patch in the Library: Software Package Library > All Patch Rollups > CA - Office 32Bit - Security IntelliRollup v2101.00 1.0
  • Expand the IntelliRollup and identify the patch that has the same name as the IntelliRollup, then click on Staging Libraries > Right click on Scalability Server(s) where you want to remove and select "Schedule Removal Job", then click OK in the dialog.

Wait for the job to complete, and the patch and its related patches for that IntelliRollup will be removed from those Scalability Servers.