Snmpgtw probe - When an alarm has its severity changed in UIM, this is not reflected in Spectrum


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


This article explains the cause and how to solve this problem.

Let's consider the following scenario:

- You have created a NAS AO profile of type "escalate_level" that will match the alarm and change its severity after "x" occurrences (in this case, 3) from major (orange) to critical (red):

- We can see the alarm severity being changed, as expected:

- However, at Spectrum side, we can see the alarm still being displayed with major severity (orange):


When an alarm has its severity changed, its subject is changed to "alarm_update" in NAS.

In this scenario, the Snmpgtw probe was configured to look only for the "alarm" subject. As a result, the severity change was not identified by the probe, and the traps continue to be sent to Spectrum containing the value "4" (major) for the alarm severity:


UIM: 20.x

SNMPGTW: any version


Add the "alarm_update" subject to the list of subjects that the probe should look for (the values must be separated by using a comma or semicolon):