Generic Webhook notification channel payload definition requirements


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DX Operational Intelligence


When defining a channel for webhook (generic) notifications, the Save button is not enabled until suitable payload is defined.  I can't find documentation which shows which set of payload key(s) MUST be defined, so if 'Advanced' option is selected what the requirements of the JSON which needs to be entered is. 





Release : 20.2 / SAAS

Component : CA DOI Foundations


The message template documentation lists the available field that can be included in the JSON. For the webhook configuration save button to be enabled it is only necessary to include one field/variable in the configuration.
If the advanced button is select ed then the JSON field only needed to be syntactically correct - the actual content is not checked for validity in terms of fields/variables/values provided. 
Also if the Advanced option is selected it cannot be unselected - if checked in error you should cancel the dialogue and restart.

Additional Information

A documentation update request has been created to add which alarm variable are available for which source products (AP/Spectrum etc)