Need help in understanding the hostname of OPMS in ASM
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Need help in understanding the hostname of OPMS in ASM


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CA App Synthetic Monitor


We need a Jmeter script to apply settings according to the OPMS host.

When trying to do that we are getting different hostname and IP addresses from OPMS.

How we can proceed?


Release : SAAS



Response from Engineering:

The jmeter agent is running in a docker container. The container has a local network. The hostname is generated on the container start and corresponds with the container ID which is generated on container start.


As you can see, docker doesn't see the OPMS global IP or hostname. An internal IP <ip_addr>16 is used to the network adapter. This is a docker network which is created and configured by the docker daemon on start and the IPs are assigned to the images dynamically. Also the /etc/hosts file is modified to contain the container host name (based on docker container name)



Thus, jmeter lives inside docker and has no access to the station network IP or host configuration. You cannot read it using the jmeter functions. All you get is the docker container configuration

Additional Information

Internal discussions concluded this is not an ASM issue. Please advise next steps including closure after reviewing below:

1) Jmeter is dependent on the the particular host/IP gathering method. Please Google using as search terms -- jmeter retrieving hostname

2) One of two use cases are in play here:

Case 1- The script is hitting a different OPMS each time. Hence a different IP address/hostname

Case 2 -- OPMS has multiple NICs whether logically or physically.