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TDM: Mainframe - Synthetic Data Generation dumps after populating the .wk file (job GTUXSHD)


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)



Job is failing with this error:

 Condition Information for Active Routines
     Condition Information for  (DSA address 000C5A48)
       CIB Address: 001209F0
       Current Condition:
         CEE3250C The system or user abend SB37  R=00000004 was issued.



Space issue, the volume running out of space.


Release : 5.4

Component : CA Test Data Manager - Mainframe


On the LRECL line, you are going to have to increase the BLKSIZE to be large enough for the number of records you want to generate.
The link above shows the formula as: BLKSIZE >= 4+n x LRECL