Message COLLECT_CTV when Start XMG STC and run PDA Batch Job
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Message COLLECT_CTV when Start XMG STC and run PDA Batch Job


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Database Analyzer for DB2 for z/OS Database Management for DB2 for z/OS - Performance Suite


After upgrade the CA R20 to CAR2012 from CAR2003, the  following Informational Messages XMG Started task was displayed:


STC01304   SETUP00    The XMAN connection will use XMANID(2000)                            
STC01304   PDA        Informational message that one or more parm keywords were not found. 
STC01304              Return code set minimally to 4.  Parmlib member possibly from        
STC01304              previous release and has not been updated.  This is not required to  
STC01304              run PDA as it will use defaults but is highly recommended.  Use the  
STC01304              on-line Edit Parmlib Member facility, option E.EP or EP from the CA  
STC01304              main menu, to update the PDA      parmlib member.  First keyword not 
STC01304              found was COLLECT_CTV                                             
STC01304   *** END PARMLIB MESSAGES                                                        


What is the impact of this?


As PTFs SO14175, SO14174 HOLDDATA suggested,

I ran the Post-Install CLIST like


and Compare DB2 Objects & PDA Parms update



and successfully completed the JOB.

But I did not see the update in PDA member of CDBAPARM Lib.

2) Another Issue with EP. E panel, for PDA panel #5, (Panel : PTEPDA5),

when I update the value to 024 from 013 in

*Number of months to retain CTV stats...> 00013     (range 13 - 32767)

and enter and exit, it is not saving the value.

also from your documentation, you describe belowbut I do not see them on my panel.




How do I update PDA Parm for COLLECT_CTV and make the Informational message go away?

Thanks for your support in advance!

Regards, Paul Song





Release : 20.0

Component : CA Database Analyzer for DB2 for z/OS


This parameter is optional, however to suppress this warning message then you can create the new parameter through the Edit Parmlib Members option, EP, from the CA Database Management Solutions for DB2 for z/OS main menu.

Select the PDA member and progress through the panels until you get to the fifth panel , 'PTEPDA5'. At the bottom you will find two new PDA parameters, including the COLLECT_CTV parameter. For example:

*Number of months to retain CTV stats...> 00013     (range 13 - 32767)
*Create CTV report......................> N

You can press PF1 for online help for these parameters.

This will create the following two new parameters in your PDA Parmlib member


Further details on these two optional parameters can be found in Techdocs