Unable to start vertica on one node
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Unable to start vertica on one node


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DX NetOps CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


If we try to start vertica from adminTools, option 5, restart vertica on host, it just returns to screen and nothing happens.


If we then try using the cmd line force option:

./admintools -t restart_node -F -s IP-of-node -d drdata

We get an error:


Info: no password specified, using none

*** Restarting nodes for database drdata ***

 Restarting host [IP-address] with catalog [v_drdata_node0001_catalog]

Unable to read database catalogs - cannot start database.

Restart Nodes result:  Unable to read database catalogs


All supported DX NetOps Performance Management releases


If we look at


We see this message:

2021-02-17 12:48:55.018 admintools/188457:0x7f3c0672f740 [AdapterConnectionPool_3.connect2_using_stored_auth] <WARNING> Unable to SSH as dradmin to IP-address: UNEXPECTED EOF:

Could not login with ssh. ssh output: Your account has expired; please contact your system administrator\r\nAuthentication failed.\r\r\n"


Re-enable the dradmin OS account and make sure it has a working password.

Make sure that passwordless ssh is enabled and working for the dradmin OS user to the local node and ALL other nodes in the vertica cluster.