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The plugin_metric.cfg file on the end robot(s) is not being updated


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


The alarm policies have been applied and they appear to be working fine but the plugin_metric.cfg on the end robot(s) is not being updated.


UIM Release : 20.x

Component : UIM - ALARM POLICY


The following steps resolved the issue:


1. Remotely login on to the end robot(s) with the issue, backup and delete the existing plugin_metric.cfg file (path: ..\Nimsoft\plugins\plugin_metric)

2. (Re-)deploy the latest supported robot_update version on the end robot(s) with issue

(Note: Perform the above step, i.e. re-deploy the robot_update on the end robot with issue even if the end robot is currently running on the latest version) 

3. Confirm that the default plugin_metric.cfg is recreated

4. Delete the end robot(s) with the issue from Operator Console Inventory (uncheck Prevent rediscovery)

5. Wait for the end robot(s) with the issue to appear back in the Inventory, the Monitoring profiles will redeploy after the robot is displayed in the group again.

6. Check the end robot(s) with the issue plugin_metric.cfg and verify if it has been updated


Additional Information

Also refer the topic by clicking on it "How do I correct the plugin_metric file?"