OneClick server crashing


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CA Spectrum


Hello, we are experiencing random OneClick server crashing and is leaving an hprof file.  Every few days, the java process would stop working and consume all CPU cycles.  The process will have to be killed (kill -9) in order to restart.  To avoid the crashing, we have to restart java proactively about once every 2 days.  Please advise.


REST integration



Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


After analyzing the hprof file, the following is seen:

One instance of "" loaded by " @ 0x3c038e698" occupies 10,157,220,960 (81.89%) bytes

696 instances of "", loaded by " @ 0x3c038e698" occupy 1,300,608,920 (10.49%) bytes.

This indicates that there is a REST configuration that is accessing the Tomcat server causing an issue.

Review the $SPECROOT/tomcat/logs/localhost_access logs for details in regards to the rest connections.   Most likely the alarm subscription code from the configuration needs to be reviewed.

To add further detail to the localhost_access logs, please review knowledge document 185522.