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Not able to enable HTTPS on DX netops portal


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DX NetOps


Unable to import SSL cert and private key using SSLConfig

Error message

Waiting for caperfcenter_sso to stop...

Process has stoppedWaiting for caperfcenter_console to stop...

Process has stoppedPerforming: Certificate changes   

The step failed to run: IOException : algid parse error, not a sequence



The private key file was in PKCS7 format and needs to be converted into PKCS8 format for SSLConfig to accept


Release : NetOps 20.2

Component : CA Performance Center


Run the following command to convert the private key file into PKCS8 format

openssl pkcs8 -topk8 -inform PEM -in netops_gartner_com.key -out private_key.pem -nocrypt

Then use private_key.pem when prompted for the key, while running SSLConfig