Netmaster / SOLVE - Determine number of lines in Multiline message for Message Rule


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SOLVE:Operations Automation NetMaster Network Management for TCP/IP NetMaster Network Automation


Is there a possibility to recognize the number of lines of a multiline message in a message rule?


Release : 11.9

Component : CA SOLVE:Operations

Release : 12.1 and up

Component : Netmaster for TCP/IP, Netmaster File Transfer Management


This information is for Message Rules in both Resource View or Eventview.

This section of the Reference Guide talks about RAMDB variables.

Contains the number of lines in a multiline WTO or WTOR. This is not available to Eventview.

However, there are equivalent &AOM variables, also in the Reference Guide

This link

describes &AOMNMIN, which contains the number of minor lines in a multi-line WTO.

For additional information you may find this knowledge doc helpful