CA View - PTFs Hold Action Regarding OLOAD
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CA View - PTFs Hold Action Regarding OLOAD


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My current code and database levels for View and Deliver are 14.0, and the databases are shared between multiple LPARs.

I have received View PTFs (SO14846 SO12394 SO15476 SO15842) and Deliver PTFs (SO13136  SO15584), which are to be applied. 

The plan is to IPL one LPAR at a time with the maintenance. One month after the last system has the maintenance, the xxxDBASE OLOADs will be performed. 

Is there any issue with performing the OLOAD a month after all systems/LPARs run with new PTFs?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


As the client was currently running code and database levels at 14.0, there would be no reason that they could not wait to put on the other PTFs which require the SARDBASE OLOAD, as the PTFs involve new panels. 

With the PTFs on, but no OLOAD being run, the only thing would be that they would not be able to take advantage of the functionality of the PTFs, until the OLOADs are done. 

In the bigger picture, performing the OLOADs would not take long, and the OLOADs can be done at any time, even while tasks are active.