UIM How to filter VMs in the vmware probe.


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CA Unified Infrastructure Management On-Premise (Nimsoft / UIM) NIMSOFT PROBES


We want to monitor a VCenter but want to filter certain VMs from being discovered by VMWare Probe.


Release: 20.3

Component: UIM - VMWARE

VMware probe version 7.11 and above


You can filter the VMs that the VMware probe will consider for discovery by using a regular expression (regex) to filter VMs for matching names.
You need to upgrade to VMware probe version 7.11.
To filter VMs for discovery by label name via Config Key, follow these steps:
1- Upgrade and start the VMware probe.
2- Navigate to Admin Console > Raw Configure > Setup, and add the config key 'filter_out_vms_with_vm_name_matching_regex' .
3- Specify the value with 'VM name' of the VM(s) you want to exclude under the setup section via raw configure.
4- Save the changes and restart the probe.
5- Create a profile for the vcenter.
A profile should be created and the VM name provided in the config key should not be added to the inventory.


Note: To filter multiple VMs, please use the config key "filter_out_vms_with_vm_name_matching_regex' with VM names and a space between them.