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How to Change the Gateway HostName , Portal Domain and Tenant Name ?


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CA API Gateway


Recently we setup new 10.x environment with the hostname of . Customer want to update hostname as well as domain name like

to achieve this what are all the configuration changes required ?

And we are looking detail to update/change apiportal  tenant name too. 


Release : 10.0

Component : API GATEWAY, API DEV PORTAL 4.x , 5.0


If you have the environment already set  with the original name "" the advise will be to re-configure

the gateway and Portal again to have the new hostnames and domain name in Place. 

1. on Gw , you need to re-run the Network configuration again to modify the hostname ,domain name, Cluster hostname.

2. on Portal, you will need to change the hostname (Portal Server Hostname) and re-run the again to set the portal domain, enroll notification email domain. 

3. ensure all service names Names refers to new Domain in the /etc/hosts 

example :

Notes : 

-                   (belongs to your Portal server)
- (belongs to the tenant name you provided when running

- All other names are hardcoded on Portal deployment, you cannot modify those names (apim,analytics,broker, sso, sync, enroll).

4. Then , when run ./ to start the services and keys with the new domain name.

After that, will need to create a new tenant with the new domain name.

5. Portal Tenant Name cannot be modified, you need to create a new tenant.

Notes :
- With new tenant creation will require to migrate all tenant data from original to new.
- The better approach would be to create a new tenant and then use PAPI to migrate out the artifacts and then re-import them.
- Alternatively you could put a proxy to re-write the URLS that need to hidden.