Administrator messages - how to find them in MELD


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


AWI user complains about some Administrator Messages coming from an Agent not related to the Client where the user is connected.


U00011018 Host: 'AGENT_NAME' is reporting status for inactive FT: '0394383803'.

U00011821 User 'USERNAME/DEPARTMENT' changed 'WORKLOAD_MAX_FT' for 'AGENT_NAME' from 'UNLIMITED' to '20'.

How to identify in MELD table which messages are defined as Administrator messages and which are not?


Documentation unclear


Release : 12.x  and older releases



First of all, the behavior should not changed since 11.2, the Administrator messages are always displayed when the user has the correct Privileges and has selected as Source "Administrator" in the Messages options.

Even if the Agent has not been assigned to Client X the Administrator messages related to Hosts (Agents) will always be displayed in all Clients.

In order to get a list of all Administrator messages from an AE system, the following query can be done:

select * from meld where MELD_TYPE = 30 and meld_client = 0 order by MELD_TimeStamp DESC;

In the examples above, U00011018 and U00011821 are considered as Administrator messages because they transmit some general information about the Host (the values match the filter in the SQL, target client is 0), and that is why they are shown in other Clients as well.