DSM Explorer crashing after 14 SP5 upgrade
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DSM Explorer crashing after 14 SP5 upgrade


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CA Client Automation - IT Client Manager CA Client Automation


When verifying the Staging Libraries of any package under Software Package Library. DSM Explorer crashes with no error, it just closed by itself.

This may also happen on other sections related to Software Delivery.


Client Automation - 14 SP5


Reviewing Event Viewer the following crash can be seen:

The cause of it is a corrupted library that GUI was accessing (gui_sd.dll)


This problem happens because for some reason, after doing the upgrade, the testfix included on 14 SP5 DVD was not applied on the target machine:

The way to check this is to validate the file size and modification date of sd_api.dll under ..CA\DSM\bin, if this is different (older) to the one found in the DVD, then the fix was not applied.

In order to manually apply it, just stop CAF services, copy sd_api.dll from the DVD (under "TestFixes" folder), copy it into ..CA\DSM\bin replacing the original (take a backup of it first), then start CAF service and open DSM Explorer again.