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RHEL7 pre-requisites for Policy Server


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CA Single Sign On Federation (SiteMinder)



We're planning to install a Policy Server 12.8SP5 on RedHat 7 and we'd
like to know all the libraries required to install it in "console mode"
and run Policy Server.

Could you give us details ?




Policy Server 12.8SP5 on RedHat 7




The Policy Server installer needs the following libraries and programs
to run :

  | Lib or Prog      | Yum Package           |
  | | freetype              |
  |   | libpng15              |
  |    | libexpat              |
  | xrdb             | xorg-x11-server-utils |
  |     | libXmu                |
  |      | libX11                |
  |      | libxcb                |
  |      | libXau                |

More, the installer accesses these files and repositories for fonts
among the others :


From these KD, you'll get view on the package you need to run the
installer and smconsole afterwhile.

  Installer User Interface Mode Not Supported

  Error while accessing smconsole using Adopt open jdk

So we invite you to install those package and all their dependencies
in order to install and fully run Policy Server. 

Please consult RedHat if doubt about the installations of