When using AdoptOpenJDK with Spectrum OneClick why are two memory processes being opened up when OneClick is being launched?


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By default, AdoptOpenJDK will launch two memory processes when OneClick is being launched.  The smaller of the two memory processes does not seem to affect OneClick and can be killed without any issues.   Why are two memory processes being opened up as this is affecting memory being allocated because we are using a jumpserver for the clients to connect to OneClick?


When using JNLP the default behavior is to have your application running in a sandbox. To support that sandboxing we need to start the application in a second Java process.


Release : 10.4.x

Component : Spectrum OneClick

AdoptOpenJDK 1.8.x


You can launch OneClick from a command line as  javaws -Xnofork oneclick.jnlp from where AdoptOpenJDK is installed and only 1 memory process is created upon startup.

Although only 1 memory process is opened up, it can actually be larger then the two memory processes combined because the javaws -Xnofork option does not allow us to pass arguements to limit the overall memory.