HornetQ error while importing Users and Roles to the Identity Governance


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CA Identity Governance


Unable to Import Users and Roles simultaneously to 2 IDG servers from a single IDM server.


The 2 IG environments are trying to come into the cluster as these 2 are in the same network and sharing the same HornetQ


1) Vapp suite 14.3
2) Vapp with IDG only


1. Stop 2 IG Servers using the "stop_ig" command.

2. Open /opt/CA/VirtualAppliance/custom/IdentityGovernance/jvm-args.conf file and append the following runtime arguments in one of IG node.

-Djboss.messaging.group.port=8888 -Djboss.messaging.group.address=

Note: The port number above is random, you can use any port number other than 9876. You can use the same runtime arguments.

Note: Please do the above changes only on one node. No need for any changes for another node.

3. Start both IG servers using the "start_ig" command.