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CA Gen model stuck in W status ("Waiting for verify") after running CSE Encyclopedia Client "Apply -> And Check-In" option


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From Encyclopedia client, after running option "Apply -> And Check-In" on model "GEN SAMPLE MODEL 8 6 T1" receive error:
CSEXI0064 A model with the specified name already exists on the encyclopedia

If then try to use the Checkout Client the model is not listed in the model list.
If try to run a download/checkout from the command line the model is reported to be in W status
C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\Gen86\CSE\bin>download -u encyadmn -m "GEN SAMPLE MODEL 8 6 T1" -i 1252
Start Time: 2021-02-11 16:21:35
Model GEN SAMPLE MODEL 8 6 T1 is in W status.
Model must be in M (modifiable) or R (read only) status.
End Time: 2021-02-11 16:21:35

Encyclopedia Client Model Detail shows the model is in "Waiting for verify" status:


Model '"GEN SAMPLE MODEL 8 6 T1" is a normal model and is not a child model.
The Encyclopedia Client "Apply" options should only be used on a child model and should not be used on a normal model which is why the error was received after using "Apply -> And Check-In".
CA Gen 8.6 > Encyclopedia > Client Server Encyclopedia > Client Server Encyclopedia Clients > Client Server Encyclopedia Encyclopedia Client > Model Selection > Actions in Model Selection


Release : 8.5, 8.6
Component : CA Gen Client Server Encyclopedia


Using "Apply -> And Check-In" on the normal model would not have caused any corruption. 
However, the current model status 'W' will need to be changed using update SQL as follows to resolve the download access problem.
update dmdl set model_status='M' where model_name='GEN SAMPLE MODEL 8 6 T1';

NOTE: It is recommended having a recent CSE database backup before running any update SQL on the database.

Additional Information

The fact that Encyclopedia Client "Apply" options can currently be used on a normal model is something that Gen Engineering will look at preventing with an update in a future release.