WA Agent for NonStop Kernel (NSK) and spool setup
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WA Agent for NonStop Kernel (NSK) and spool setup


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Workload Automation Agent


The R12 agent has a new patch which allows NSK Agent to specify non default spool location to store the output of the jobs.  By default, if a user is specified in the job definition, the spool file is stored in that user's volume. If no user is specified in the job description, the spool file is stored in the default Guardian volume for the user who started the agent. 


Release : 12.0

Component : CA Workload Automation System Agent


If your current version of WA agent is below R12, then you must upgrade to R12 agent and then apply the latest patch.

Once upgraded, add the following parameters in the agentparm.txt:




The following list describes the parts of an HP NonStop subvolume name:

system: Specifies the system name.
volume: Specifies the disk name.
subvolume: Specifies a directory name.

This option allows the user to specify the subvolume location (on Guardian file system) and WA Agent will create output files (WLA*), spool files (SP*) in the specified subvolume.  These files will be deleted/cleaned based on the spool configuration. 

To enable spool cleanup, set these:


Additional Information

Note: Provide OS and platform details when requesting patch.  The WA Agent for NSK runs on following and each platform has different patches.

L  HPE Integrity NonStop X systems (x86)

J  HPE Integrity NonStop i systems (Itanium multi-core processors / IA)