CA View - SARSTC Task Abend U0001 with View Backup
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CA View - SARSTC Task Abend U0001 with View Backup


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CA View SARSTC backup abended with code U0001 ($HASP395 CAVIEWP  ENDED - RC=0016).     

What would cause this abend?


Release : 12.2

Component : CA View


The View backup received a U0001 error due to an error in the client's ERO table. 

The following entries were in the table:

 /7190441401*  ALL DCOPIES=10 COPIES=10
 /7190441401*  ALL DCOPIES=5 COPIES=5

The repeated entries were the reason for the error, as there cannot be duplicate entries in the table. 

The client was asked to:

 . Decide which entry is to be kept and remove the one not wanted. 
 . Set SARINIT parameter EROPRO=YES. 
 . If needed, run a View backup using "/F sarstc,OPT=NEW". 

The client reported that, after removing one of the entries, that the View backup ran successfully.