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Idea values not in sync in roadmaps when coming from a NULL value


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When syncing roadmaps the ideas might not show the most updated data.

When ideas are created, if a field is NULL and populated in edition, the attribute data is not synced in roadmaps

1. Create an idea.
2. Leave Start and Finish dates blank as those are not required.
   Idea Alignment & Risk sub-page > ensure the Goal field is blank
   (If your sub-pages are different/customized, you might want to pull the Goal field to the list view)
3. Modern UX, create a Roadmap, import the idea above and Sync it.
4. On the Roadmap Grid you can see the idea has been added: Start, Finish and the Goal field are blank as expected
5. Go back to the idea and add a value to the Start, Finish and the Goal fields.
6. Re-sync the Roadmap with all options enabled.

Expected Results: After syncing all values have been updated
Actual results: The idea fields updated are not in Sync


This is caused by DE59771


Fixed in 15.9.2 and  backported to

Workaround: Remove the affected investment from the Roadmap, re-add it and re-sync it

Additional Information

The issue appears when the initial value is NULL.
If at creation time, the are were populated, any changes afterwards are reflected on the Roadmap
This only happens with ideas.
It also affects custom attributes 
The Goal field is available for other objects like Project and Custom Investments. This gets in sync even if the previous value is NULL.