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specific browser version not selectable in GUI Functional test


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When creating a GUI Functional test and have it run on a private location, it may happen that you want the test to run on a particular browser (Firefox or Chrome) version, yet it is not listed in the browser selection:

What needs to be done to have the version listed that the test needs to run on?


The private location does not have that particular browser version installed. So you need to install it on the agents listed under that private location.


Blazemeter SaaS


These are the steps to install a particular browser version on the agents under a private location:

  • Go to Settings (in the top right corner) > Workspace > Private Locations.
  • Then select the private location that the test needs to run on and press the pencil in the top right corner.

  • In the resulting window, select Functionalities.
  • Open the drop downbox behind GUI Functional and choose "select version":


  • On the results, scroll down and select the browser version of your choice, then press the Apply button at the bottom.

It will cause that Chrome version to install on the agents in your private location. After few seconds the agents will show status "Downloading". Once they show status "idle" again, the selected version has been installed and is ready to be selected in your test.

Additional Information

You can verify what images have been installed on a particular agent by hovering your mouse over the "i" field under the "Description" header. It will show all installed images, including teh charmander browser versions, e.g.