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What is CA Service Management Research Tool? How to use it?


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How to configure the 'Research Tool Button' available on the XFlow interface?



CA Service Desk 17.x


Research Tool allows an analyst to perform an external search to resolve a ticket.

The Research Tool allows an analyst to attach URLs, selected text, and screenshots to a ticket in the following ways:

URL Clips the selected URL and adds as an attachment to the ticket.
Selected TextClips the selected text and adds it as a comment with the URL to the ticket.
Visible ScreenshotClips the visible search results of the page and adds a screenshot to the ticket.
Full Page ScreenshotClips the entire search results page and adds a screenshot to the ticket.

You can also link the search results to another existing ticket if the search results match the criteria for that ticket. To search for an existing ticket, enter one of the following details in the Search Tickets text box and click Attach to add the information.

- Incident or request number 
- Ticket summary
- Ticket description

For configuration details, please refer to below link:

Link to download the Chrome Extension: