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Updating VS with API V3 resets think time to zero


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Service Virtualization


When updating VS with API V3 resets the transactions think time to zero.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Create VS with API V3 call  POST /vses/{vseName}/services and use the any RR pairs.

2. Download the MAR file from the Portal and open it in Workstation.

3. Set the Think Time for the created transaction (META and Specific)

4. Remove the VS from the Portal.

5. Deploy the modified VS from Workstation to the VSE.

6. Update the VS with API V3 call POST /vses/{vseName}/services/{virtualServiceName} using another the RR pairs.

7. Download the MAR file from Portal and open the VSI in Workstation. It will show 2 transactions but the ThinkTime shows as 0 for both. It reset the ThinkTime of the transactions to zero.







Release : 10.5

Component : CA Service Virtualization


If anyone facing the same issue, please open a support case refer DE490813 and support can share the available patch.

Additional Information

Used the V3 API to create and update endpoints