CA-OPSMVS Upgrade from older unsupported release to current release
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CA-OPSMVS Upgrade from older unsupported release to current release


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


Whether OPSMVS can be upgraded from 12.3 to V14?   Can OPS/MVS successfully be upgraded from unsupported releases to a current release?


Release : 12.3 to 14.0 , but applicable to ALL releases.

Component : OPS/MVS


Upgrading directly from an older release, here R12.3, to a current release, in this instance 14.0, of CA OPS/MVS may be done successfully.  A couple of thoughts that will help.

1) Review the Release Guides for the various releases involved, and in particular the Migration Information sections of these guides.   

14.0 -  

13.0  -

The above documents will ensure that you consider all changes made in the various releases.   NOTE:   The R14.0 Migration Information link contains the necessary information for migrating from both 13.0 and 13.5.   For future releases of OPS/MVS it is imperative to review the Migration Information for each of the releases that were subsequent to the one being upgraded from.  

 2) The second consideration will be the z/OS level that you are at.   You can verify that you are running a compatilble z/OS level here: