CWADISP used in separate CICS Regions
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CWADISP used in separate CICS Regions


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We have multiple CICS region that each have multiple INTC/INTL interfaces so the CICS can access multiple IDMS CVs.

Is the CICS CWA local to each CICS region or is it in opsys common storage?

I.E.  do the CWADISP values in our INTC/INTL interfaces only need to be unique within a given CICS region or must they be unique across all interfaces in all CICS regions? 


   Each CICS region has its own CWA specific to that CICS region.  So within a given CICS region all INTC/INTL interfaces must use a unique CWADISP.

   If a separate CICS region also has INTC/INTL interfaces, they must only be unique within That CICS region. 

  For example if I have two INTC interfaces in CIC1 that use CWADISP 244 and 248 they are unique.  No other application that runs in that CICS can use those two CWA displacements.

  But if in a different CICS region CIC2 I also have two INTC/INTL interface, they could also use 244 and 248 without any conflict with the CWADISPs in CIC1. 

  They simply must be unique and reserved only for those IDMS interfaces within a given CICS region

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