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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration



Do you have some schema's and tips&trick about the netqosportal DB, and/or vertica DB.

More specific focused to the content and validity of items. As you just demonstrated with some queries if you know what to look for it helps a lot.




There is no published documentation on the database schema in Performance Management


Release : 20.2

Component : IM Reporting / Admin / Configuration


  item - stores basic item info for all items
  poll_item - stores link between device and poll items
  device - stores basic device info
  attribute_instance - stores attributes for items where only 1 value per attr
  list_attribute_instance - stores attributes for items where attr can have 1+ values (rank is index)
  facet - stores facets and qname id relationship
  item_facet - stores item to facet relationship
  qname - stores internal name for something
  attribute - stores attributes and qname_id relationship
  item_relationship - stores relationships between items
  dim_, etl_ - ETL tables used for various things
  visible_tenant - stores items and what tenants that are visible in
  rate/ltd/gtd/eqd/*baseline store poll data/rollups/baselines
  Performance Center
  t_* - store consolidated info about the type of item the table keeps
  dst_* - store data source info about the type of item the table keeps
  items - stores all item ids, flags, etc
  item_indentifiers - stores link between itemid and data source ID for lookups
  data_source_* - various tables storing DS info
  item_members - stores item relationships
  rule_*  - stores info about group rules/comparisons/values
  role_* - stores info about roles and access rights each role has
  user_definitions - stores user info
  general / performance_center_properties - stores settings
Link is itemid between t_ and dst_* tables and most tables.