IDMS: T001 abend in CICS tasks, program IDMSCCMN
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IDMS: T001 abend in CICS tasks, program IDMSCCMN


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T001 abends in CICS tasks accessing IDMS, identifying program IDMSCCMN:

DFHDU0203I 29/01/2021 10:14:50 CICS18 A transaction dump was taken for dumpcode: T001, Dumpid: 16/0199, Tranid: BTAR, Tranum:
           00052403, Program: IDMSCCMN.



Release : All supported releases.
Component : IDMS


When an IDMS run-unit is started in CICS, a temporary storage record is written for the task, and the task related user exit, IDMSTRUE, is invoked and enabled for an END-OF-TASK intercept.
The T001 abend means that at end of the task, IDMSTRUE encountered a QIDERR (not found) asking for the the temporary storage record.
Part of the identification of the temporary storage record is the EIBTASKN (EIB task number).
Any modification to the original EIBTASKN would cause a T001.


Make sure that there is no application code which causes any change to EIBTASKN.

T001 abends have also been known to be cause by having obsolete CICSCSD definitions in place.