Unix v2 account password change process loops and fails


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CA Identity Manager


When we try to change the password for a Unix v2 account that has Account expires set, the process loops and the password cannot be changed with the following error in the JCS log.

 ERROR  - The expirationDate value has an unexpected format Account expire

 Passwords can be changed successfully for accounts that do not have Account expires on the same endpoint


Since the date and time format of the server on which JCS is running is other than "English (US)" (dddd, MMMM, yyyy), the date and time cannot be obtained from the endpoint.


Release : 14.3

Component : IdentityMinder(Identity Manager)


Changing the date and time format of the system account used by JCS.
* Make the following settings on the server running JCS.

1. In Control Panel> Region> "Format" tab, select "English (US)" from the "Format" drop-down list and click "Apply"
2. Click the "Administration" tab and click the "Copy Settings" button in "Welcome Screen and New User Account"
3. Check next to "Welcome screen and system account" at the bottom of the screen, check that the "Format" in the same screen has been changed to English (US), and click the "OK" button twice
4. CA Identity Manager – Restart the Connector Server (Java) service