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Impact studies on RA Process and Actions:


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CA Release Automation - Release Operations Center (Nolio)


Do you have a tool with which we can convert the RA components, flows and actions of both application and shared component to code in order to make some impact analysis.


Release : or higher



The latest Release Automation version (a.k.a. 6.7.3) had rolled out a feature called as DSL which let end user import/export complete RA applications as JSON object. The file can be used to do some analysis on the JSON file to determine action types, URI etc. used in the application and respective processes.

The release notes can be found at and the feature we referring are below

  • DSL - JSON import/export, see Create Applications Using DSL Based on API v6.
  • Bulk update applications to use particular Shared Component revision, see Shared Component > Bulk Update Applications to Use Particular Shared Component Revision

How to export application as JSON Object using DSL?

1: Login to ROC

2: Navigate to Designer => Application Model

3: Select the application you want to export

4: Click on Export Application Button

5: Save and open the JSON file and you can find all details of application, processes and action used in them.