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Startup of MTC-DBM DBMDS task never seems to complete


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Detector for DB2 for z/OS


With the necessary maintenance applied, and the update to the Java 8 environment, the MTC-DBM (CA Detector UI) PXMDS started task never gives indication that it has successfully started. 


The PXMDSENV log level settings was at the debug level.


Release : 20.0

Component : CA Detector for DB2 for z/OS


Due to the slow performance on the LPAR, and the PXMDSENV member stating LOG_LEVEL=DEBUG, and CA_LOG_LEVEL=DEBUG there was never indication that the task started successfully for the PXMD001 message never appeared. To resolve this, the PXMDSENV member's LOG_LEVEL and CA_LOG_LEVEL parms were changed to state INFO (LOG_LEVEL=INFO, CA_LOG_LEVEL=INFO). This allowed the PXMD001 message stating the 'startup was successful' to appear.