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Transfer/move Service Catalog requests


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CA Service Catalog


Is there an OOTB way of move Service Catalog requests from one user to another user?  A user works in a department (BU1) and open a request to fulfill something for that department (BU1), for instance a printer. Now the user is changing from department (BU1) and would like to transfer its "BU" tickets to another user of the same department (BU1), that will be responsible to deal with that ticket.

In addition, is there is a OOTB way of move Service Catalog requests from BU1 to BU2,without changing he request user?  User works in a department (BU1) and open a request to fulfill a specific activity. Now the user is changing from BU1 to BU2 and would like o transfer its own "BU1" tickets to another BU, where he will continue to deal with it.


Release : 17.3



For first use case, it depends on who the user is to the given Request, if that user is the fulfiller or the requestor.  One cannot move their subscription as the requestor, but fulfillers can be changed from user to user as needed.

One thing to keep in mind is if you have a pending action in Catalog, you can go to the Pending My Action screen, and choose the Action "Transfer" to transfer it to someone else, irrespective of BU.  However, it is not possible to change who originally submitted the Catalog request.

For the second use case, this is not supported at all, due to the strong relationship between offerings and subscriptions and Business Units.  A given Catalog request's BU entry cannot be changed

Additional Information

Per the documentation:

When a user creates a request for the first time, the Catalog system creates a request-related account for the user. If a user requests a service from the catalog, the product automatically creates an account for the user. Submitted. The status field moves from “Close Requested” to “Closed” once the outstanding charges and credits are processed for that period. users cannot include it in the same request as other services. User Request Method Specifies whether users request the service by using the one-click submit method or by using a shopping cart. A catalog user who has added services to a shopping cart without submitting it can request a one-click submit service. One-Click Once in that tier the tier is fixed and cannot change. Once in the tier that exactly matches, that tier is fixed and cannot change. Submitted. After you define the service option group, you can add it to services that users can request from the catalog. Unavailable After Specifies the date when catalog users can no longer request or subscribe to the service option group.

Please see:

As a side note, attempting to use SOAP web services to try and change the requestor on a given Catalog request will be met with this response:

Requested For User/Account cannot be changed if once Request has been Submitted.