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Host-Switch on Oracle causes error >ORA-25412 Deprecated funtion "OCIStmtPrepare()" für DB-Replay<


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


When switching the Oracle DB, a subsequent connection establishment message is perceived:

U00003590 UCUDB - DB error: 'OCIStmtExecute', 'ERROR', '', 'ORA-25412: Transaction playback activated by calling OCIStmtPrepare'

According to Oracle:

Instruction Function APIs

The following function is obsolete as of Oracle 12c Release 2 ( OCIStmtPrepare ().

Oracle strongly recommends using OCIStmtPrepare2 () in all OCI applications instead of the deprecated OCIStmtPrepare () call.

Use the OCIStmtPrepare2 () call to support the use of application continuity in an HA infrastructure. Applications using OCIStmtPrepare () return the following error: Error - ORA-25412: Transaction replay disabled by calling OCIStmtPrepare.


Steps to reproduce:

  1.  Run the archiving job (JOBS UNIX) of a large, active client (here e.g. 20, 1040)
  2.  Initiate Oracle DB Switch (change between 2 DB hosts, same DB service name).
  3.  Check the report of the job from 1)




Software Bug


Release : 12.3



The bug has been fixed by engineering. The Fix will be made available via service pack 12.3.8 for Automation.Engine