Add more space to LISTLOG
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Add more space to LISTLOG


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


The LISTLOG command displays the SYSVIEW session activity log.                                   

The field Size shows a value of 16384


Is it possible to increase the size of the LISTLOG?






Release : 16.0

Component : SYSVIEW


The LISTLOG command is an internal product diagnostic command and its content is subject to change without notice.  

The storage for the LISTLOG activity log is 16384 Kb and this is a fixed value that can not be increased or decreased.

Currently, it is a Wrap log so the number of records recorded is limited and when it is full the new records overwrite the oldest ones.

The Wrap field on the LISTLOG display shows the number of times the log has wrapped.


Additional Information

Type HELP LISTLOG in any Sysview screen.