Datacom VSE MUF startup shows Service Pack SP0
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Datacom VSE MUF startup shows Service Pack SP0


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Datacom Multi-User startup shows SP0 in message DB00212I.  Is this correct?  

F4 0004 BEUPG08:003:0:DB00212I - CA Datacom SQL r12   at service pack: SP0


Release : 12.0

Component : DATACOM/DB for z/VSE 


SP0 is correct.   The first 12.0 z/VSE Datacom installation tape went GA in April 2015 . 

In 2016 a service update S1609  went GA . The DB00212I message  still shows SP0 and that will most likely not change .

Since then the CA/Broadcom release strategy  evolved to continuous  delivery (CD) .

New features and product code corrections are delivered via PTFs that you install via MSHP in case of z/VSE.

With Datacom 12.0 for z/VSE there are no maintenance tapes anymore  like in version 11.0 that got installed using CAPTFSEL.  

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Continuous Delivery Strategy