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Thousands of files under CCSM folder on Domain Manager


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On Domain Manager the folder C:\Program File(x86)\CA\DSM\Manager\CCSM contains thousands of files (.xml and .xml.bkup).
Some files are very old, could these files be deleted ?


These files are created by plugin "Configuration and State Management agent controller" (ccsmact) for Configuration Policy deployment.
Every file is a Configuration Policy job for one computer, once the configuration policy is applied on the machine, the file is deleted.
By default "Configuration and State Management agent controller" tries during 60 days to send the configuration policies to computers, after 60 days, the files should be deleted.


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It is possible to remove all files under "Configuration and State Management agent controller" (ccsmact).

Files for active configuration policy jobs will be created again by ccsmact.

caf stop ccsmact
caf stop ccsmapi
Delete all files under C:\Program File(x86)\CA\DSM\Manager\CCSM
caf start ccsmapi
caf start ccsmact