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Unable to login to Automic getting the error Incompatible AE version '12.2'. Expected: '12.0'


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


When logging in to Automic  AWI, we are getting the error Incompatible AE version '12.2'. Expected: '12.0'




Automation Engine 12.2.6 with 2 node HA

AWI 12.2.6 with load balancer


When logging in to Automic, we are getting the error Incompatible AE version '12.2'. Expected: '12.0'

There are 2 nodes with AWI installed and have a load balancer

The second node seems to have restarted and started the wrong tomcat version automatically (which was 8.5)

The AWI has the load balancer configured and was connecting to the second node.

Once we accessed the AWI on the first node bypassing the load balancer it logged in fine.

Then we stopped the wrong tomcat and disabled it  in the windows services

Started the correct tomcat version and now it is able to log in  fine with the load balancer as well