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Using POSTMAN to enable bulk interfaces in NFA


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CA Network Flow Analysis (NetQos / NFA)


How do I use POSTMAN to enable bulk interfaces on my NFA?



Flash was removed in December of 2020. The enable interfaces page is no longer available.


Release : 10.0.2



Using the API, we need to get a list of available interfaces from a particular router. We can use any browser to do this.


1) Get router ID from IP address (GET)

http://<hostname>:8981/odata/api/routers?$select=ID&$filter=((contains(routerAddress, '<ip address of router/device>')))


2) Get available interface IDs based on router ID from previous query (GET)

http://<hostname>:8981/odata/api/availableInterfaces?$select=ID,enabled,name&$filter=(routerId eq <router id>)


Then we can do a bulk update using POSTMAN with the following:


1) Set to POST and input the URL:

2) Set your credentials in the Authorization tab using 'Basic Auth':

3) Set your Body to 'raw' and 'JSON' and enter the following syntax (the ID's will be from the list of available interfaces we grabbed earlier):

4) Hit Send and verify a status of 200 OK (this tells us it works)

5) Your response should look like this for each interface you enabled (notice 'enabled' = true):