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Can CA LDAP Server for z/OS R15.1 be installed in an HFS instead of a ZFS?


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When installing CA LDAP Server for z/OS R15.1 product installation through CSM,
What is required to install into an HFS file system instead of a ZFS file system?



Release : 15.1
Component : CA LDAP Server for z/OS


When installing CA LDAP Server via CSM , the install wizard requests an OMVS path to use for the install.
The easiest way to do this would be to mount an HFS file at the runtime directory location
for example  with a mountpoint at /u/user/ldapr15.
then create another directory at /u/users/ldapr151/CA

During the installation the wizard will asked for the installation directory  - you would reply /u/users/ldapr151/CA

CA LDAP Server would then be installed in the /u/user/ldapr151 runtime directory - on an HFS file system.