Enabling monitoring of processes for Service Desk
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Enabling monitoring of processes for Service Desk


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What is an ideal list of processes for monitor the health check of service desk?


Release : 17.3



Processes that are listed in the command "pdm_status", as executed on a given SDM server from an Admin Command Prompt, can be considered as candidates for monitoring.

Specific processes of interest are the following:

domsrvr:  Object Manager Process

spelsrvr:  Process used to manage internal activity within Service Desk

Bpvirtdb_srvr:  database connection process

boplgin:  Process for authentication

webengine:  this is the process that allows the web UI to function

Not listed, but also of value to monitor is the sslump_nxd process, which facilitates internal communication between SDM processes.

Additional Information

The above listing of processes details the essential key processes that most SDM Servers would require to operate normally at the minimum.  Certain optional processes such as maileater should also be considered depending on your environment requirements.

There is no documentation available for any specific monitoring tools that one may wish to apply process monitoring.  This document only provides for guidance to ensure the overall health of the product and not for any specific functionality monitoring, such as auditing for end user logins.  The stdlog materials that are maintained in the SDM install directory's log directory may contain such specific content.