TDM: z/OS Shred/Unshred Rules File
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TDM: z/OS Shred/Unshred Rules File


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


When I originally used the rules table I didn't put in the table prefixes/view prefixes.  


Do I need to put in BTDM_  for tables  and VTDM_  in here? Would I need to change anything but lines 11 and 12?

I noticed it put all the table names in and they have strange characters in front of them on the second screen shot. Do I need to put the prefix ahead of those?

Will the unshred put in the correct filler characters?

If there were leading zero's that got removed do we need to put in the generator

Do I need to keep  a clean copy of the Rules file for each different copybook? Can I remove lines 13 to the end to re-use this?



Release : 4.9

Component : CA Test Data Manager





It is not recommended to directly modify the generated RULES/TABS/CARDS/DATA files.   We recommend you make modifications only to the JCL derived from the GTXSHD template and re-generate these items per your requirements.

Depending on the copybook specification, unshred once to determine whether leading zeroes will be restored.  If not, then the generator path is the best method.

You should create new JCL derived from GTXSHD for each copybook.   In that GTXSHD file, you can specify a unique HLQ for each RULES/TABS/CARDS/DATA dataset.   This will allow you to clearly designate which files are for which purpose.

Regenerated rules and the product worked.