Scrolling Horizontally a Lookup Displays Header Out of the View Area


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Using Chrome or Edge (Chromium build), scrolling a lookup preview horizontally would make the table header appear out of the table view area and popup.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Ensure Phoenix UI is selected as current UI Theme.
  2. Go to Administration > Data Administration > Lookups, open any lookup with many rows and columns (e.g.: Browse Resource).
  3. Click on Browse Window.
  4. Ensure that the number of Selected Columns in the List Layout section will allow horizontal scrolling.
  5. Click on Preview.
  6. Scroll down so that the first row is not displayed.
  7. Scroll to the right.

Expected Results: The table column headers get hidden by the limits of the table view area (left side) as scrolling horizontally to the right.

Actual Results: The table column headers get out of the table view area and pop-up from the left side.


This issue has been reported as DE59723.


Release : 15.8.1

Component : CA PPM STUDIO

The issue has been observed using Chrome/Edge 88.


This issue is under review by Engineering.


The issue could not be observed when using Firefox 85.