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feasibility of siteminder v6 with latest version RSA authentication manager 8.4


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Can we integrate RSA Authentication Manager 8.4 with the Siteminder
Policy Server v6.0 ?
Is Policy Server v6.0 is compatible with RSA Authentication Manager
8.4 ?




Policy Server 6.0;
RSA Authentication Manager 8.4;



No, Policy Server 6.0 is not compatible with RSA Authentication
Manager 8.4, and Policy Server 6.0 is Out of Support on Broadcom side.

So according to our Support Matrix on date of February 10th 2021, the
latest supported Policy Server isn't certified nor supported with RSA
8.4 :

  5 Third-Party Product Compatibility

    | Product                    | Version |
    | RSA Authentication Manager |     8.3 |
    |                            |   8.2.x |
    |                            |   8.1.x |
    |                            |   8.0.x |

    Applicable Support Notes:

      1. For RHEL 7 platform, note that RSA SDK support is from RHEL 7.1
  onwards. Hence policy server needs to be deployed on RHEL 7.1 or
  above, to use RSA SecurID authentication.


Finally note that Web Agent 6 is still supported, but Policy Server 6 not (March 31, 2013 - EOS) :

  Symantec SiteMinder Release and Support Lifecycle Dates